Cambodia Tourist Guide Foundation

Cambodia Tourist Guide Foundation was established on November 11, 2009 by Cambodia Tourist Guide Association, aim to focus on the Education of older age students in the remote villages. Cambodia Tourist Guide Foundation has create serveral small Projects  such as Bicycle Project and Water Well projects. These projects has been shared to the travelers who has traveled with Cambodia Tourist Guide Association. The benifet of 10% from the guide service plus the generous Travelers' donation, we have been giving more than $3000 to buy nearly 100 bicycles for the students who live in the communities far from schools. Therefore, in order to encourage them to continue further education successfully, Cambodia Tourist Guide Association always shares about the education systems to all of our travelers. If they wish to do something for their trip to Cambodia even more valuable and memorable, they would consider on the donation for Bicycle and Water Well Projects. Please contact Cambodia Tourist Guide Association for more information on what Cambodia Tourist Guide Foundation has been doing for the people, children and local communities. Here are the following our activites:

New Project
Cambodia Tourist Guide Founddation has established on November 11, 2009 and focused on the Education of older age students in the remote villages since. The generous Travelers have been donated more than...
Water Well for the Community
Some villages all over Cambodia did not have enough water to supply for their daily life. So they need to get far from their village....